New BlueHost Web Hosting Plans for 2015

BlueHost is widely known throughout the industry as one of the best companies currently supplying hosting plans. In 2014, to keep up with demand, the company updated many of their longstanding offers and even introduced some new ones. If this is the year that you finally launch that site of yours, then, it makes sense to give BlueHost some consideration. Aside from their reputation in the industry, many of the company’s hosting plans are tough to beat.

The Starter Plan

The first example we’ll look at regarding a new hosting plan for 2014 is the BlueHost starter plan. This is a reliable place to start for those who have never had their own website before. It doesn’t cost much, but you get plenty in return.

For one thing, the major update this year is that they dropped the price on this offering by more than two dollars. The funny thing is that their Starter plan really would have been affordable either way. Originally, you were asked to pay $5.99 for all the features we’ll cover in a minute. However, those features can now be yours for just $3.49 a month.

So it costs less than $60 a year to host your website—this plan is only good for one—which means 100 GB of space for your setup. You get unlimited bandwidth though, 5 domains and 25 sub domains. Plus, you’re given 100 email accounts to use with that site with 500 MB for each one. BlueHost will even include $50 worth of marketing.

Plus Plan

Another option of a popular plan that BlueHost has updated for 2014 is their Plus option. In fact, this is by far their most popular offering, which makes sense when you review the features we’ll list out in a moment. For this new year, BlueHost dropped the price of their Plus Plan by more than half! It was originally $9.99 and, again, sold quite well for reasons that will be abundantly clear in a moment. Today, though, the Plus Plan can be yours for just $3.95 a month.

This small amount will allow you to host unlimited amounts of websites. Of course, this also means unlimited website space for your domain too. Bandwidth is also provided in unlimited amounts too. So for less than $6 more a year, you can get unlimited everything compared over the Starter Plan we just went over.

One domain is included, but you get as many parked and sub domains as you want for the price. The same goes for the email accounts you can list under that website and how much storage you get for each.

Lastly, BlueHost will provide you with $200 worth of free marketing. You get an additional $24 a year in other extras, plus spam experts on your side and global CDN.

Business Pro

Finally, Business Pro slashed the price on their Business Pro plan too. This means what used to cost you $19.99 a year is now available to your company for only $13.95. In many ways, it’s identical to the last plan. So you get unlimited space for unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth to go with all of it. Everything regarding domains is the same too.

The big difference though is that BlueHost will give you $180 in extra every single year. This includes global CDN like with the Pro Plan, but you get twice as many experts. You also receive an SSL, a dedicated IP that’s all your own, domain privacy and site backup pro working for you. Plus, BlueHost has this one pegged as their high performance plan so you get a website with as much power behind it as possible.

With over two million websites under their belt, BlueHost is definitely a company worth thinking about when you need web hosting. They’ve been in business for over 10 years too, meaning they must be doing something right. On top of all the benefits you receive from the plans above, BlueHost also provides a money-back guarantee with no hidden fees. It’s tough to beat that.

Plus, for 2014, at least, you get the above plans at these new low prices. So you get the same great value for far less than in the past.