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bluehost-pricingThere are so many web hosting companies to choose from on the internet. You can search and search but it can be difficult to truly know which web hosting company will best fit your needs. Countless factors and questions go into choosing that perfect web hosting company such as services offered, whether you will be able to reach someone when you need help, equipment quality, whether it will be easy to use the services offered, the reliability of the company, and one of the most important factors being cost. Understanding your budget before beginning your web hosting search will help your decision. Not knowing which company will truly provide you the best service can be a daunting task but it is not impossible. On a top ten web hosting price list, Bluehost was listed number one as the best web hosting company for 2013. The ratings were based on cost, page load, reliability, uptime, features, ease of use, and quality of support.

Bluehost pricing can vary depending on your needs. Bluehost provides a wide variety of web hosting options to fit businesses and individual websites all over the world. Special offers are constantly offered once you have signed up as a customer. All Bluehost customers are important and valuable. Their goal is to maintain their loyal customer base, keeping them happy, while growing and capturing new customers.

Bluehost offers both standard web hosting and extensive pro hosting packages. Standard web hosting covers a twelve month account for $8.99 per month ($3.95 per month with the coupon on this page), including a $13.99 domain registration coupon and no set up fee, a savings of $30. The twelve month option totals only $107.88 ($47.40 with the coupon). The 24 month option is $7.99 per month, with the same $13.99 domain registration coupon and no set up fee, a savings of $30. This 24 month option totals $191.76 ($94.80 with coupon). The final standard web hosting option is identical to both the twelve month with the coupon and no set up fee savings, but is $6.99 per month totaling $251.64 ($142.20 with coupon).

The pro hosting package offers the same options as the standard web hosting package plus: domain privacy protection, domain name registration, site backup pro, dedicated IP, positive SSL certificate, and 10 postini email filtering for an amazing rate of $24.99 per month.

There are additional features such as additional domain names, SSL certificate, sitelock and expired account reactivation.

A reseller account has unlimited domains, subdomains, ftp and email addresses as well as a free website builder, free SimpleScript, free spam protection, and a free billing system. There are three reseller account options ranging from Silver which is $24.95 a month offering 100 GB of disk space, 15 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. The Gold option is $59.95 a month offering 250 GB of disk space, 25 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. The final choice is the Platinum option for $124.95 a month with 500 GB of disk space, 35 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. There are so many Bluehost pricing options available for the user to choose among.