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The History of BlueHost

BlueHost is one of the most recognized names in webhosting. It’s been in business since 1996, making it one of the older webhosting companies in the world. It’s undergone many changes since then, including a name change, and being bought out by a conglomerate of webhosting companies in 2010.

Started As a Free Hosting Provider

The founder of BlueHost, Matt Heaton, began the company as a free hosting service called This free hosting service was popular, but it limited the amount of features the company could afford to offer to their customers. In 2003, the company was renamed BlueHost and began offering shared hosting plans. The company became quite successful by offering very affordable plans, and tying their hosting services to popular content management system support. Many users began using BlueHost because they offered one-click installation of the popular WordPress blogging software.

BlueHost offers shared hosting plans at different price points. No matter whether you’re an individual or a company, a blog or an ecommerce website, they have a plan that will suit your site. While many of their plans are marketed as unlimited, with unlimited storage space, bandwidth, and email accounts, in practice these services are limited. The company has determined unlimited to be defined as more than any conventional user could ever need for running a typical website.

Unlimited Plans, But Only Within Reason

For instance, a BlueHost shared hosting account has unlimited storage, but if you tried to use it for mass storage of data that had nothing to do with your website, BlueHost would place a limit on you. Using a conventional website account as a mass emailing device, or uploading or downloading an unusual amount of video or audio files will also subject the user to caps on their activity. BlueHost puts these soft caps in place to keep one user on a shared server from taking over all the bandwith and RAM from all the other users, and slowing traffic to a crawl.

In 2009, BlueHost made headlines by throttling the CPU usage of some users to make sure they didn’t unduly affect the ability of other users on their servers to get their pages loaded in a timely fashion. In almost every case, the throttled websites were uploading or downloading large amounts of data that shouldn’t be expected on a shared hosting account.

BlueHost Is Great for New Websites

BlueHost has always been a primary hosting provider for users that are not as technologically savvy as they might need to be if they use other hosting services. BlueHost offers users plug and play website templates that make getting a site up and running easier than with other providers. This has made them very popular at the low end of the market with users that don’t want to spend a lot of money on web design to get their site on the Internet.

Great Uptime Performance

BlueHost was also one of the first hosting providers to advertise their uptime record. While many shared hosting users don’t need to handle heavy Internet traffic on a daily basis, they do need to be assured that their website is online at all times. BlueHost gained a reputation as a reliable hosting provider with 24/7 customer support, and that made it one of the top 20 largest web hosts in the world.

Part of the Endurance International Group

In 2010, the Endurance International Group bought out BlueHost. Endurance International was founded in 1997, and has its headquarters in Burlington, Massachusetts. Like all the other acquisitions of Endurance, BlueHost continues to operate under its own name. That means that when you’re choosing between BlueHost and many other hosting companies, you may be choosing between companies with the same owners. Endurance now owns dozens of different hosting companies, many of them much smaller than BlueHost, however. Some of the larger hosting companies in their stable of providers include FatCow, Hostgator, HostMonster, Intuit Websites, iPage, JustHost, Mojo Marketplace, Typepad, and Xeran.

BlueHost Remains Independent

These and many more webhosting companies continue to operate independently of each other, and are simply administered globally by the Endurance Group, so the products and service that you’re offered at BlueHost will be unique to the company. BlueHost’s long track record, reliability, excellent customer service, and low prices will continue to make them a popular choice for shared hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and dedicated hosting.

What Is the Lowest Price for BlueHost?

In today’s day and age, just about everyone has their own website. Whether we’re talking about someone’s personal site or the kind for a company, it’s just a normal part of the digital age. Actually, if your company doesn’t have a digital presence, that’s a good sign you won’t be around for long. The good news is that if you do want your own website, all you have to do is start with a domain and countless software options out there will do the rest. To do so, however, you need to pay a company for the space and support. Fortunately, BlueHost is a company that has done this for countless individuals in the past. Wondering how much it will cost you to start a site with them? Keep reading.

The Lowest Cost BlueHost Plan

If you’re just beginning with a website, it makes a lot of sense to take it easy on paying for your hosting plan. The last thing you want to do is pay for more than you need for an entire year. For this reason, you should consider BlueHost’s Starter Plan. This option offers you everything you need for your first website and does so at the unheard of low price of just $3.49 a month.

It should be noted that this price is down from $5.99 a month, which is what BlueHost has normally charged for all the features that come with their Starter Plan. Said plan will net you 100 GB of website space for the single site you’ll be allocated. However, you have unlimited bandwidth to run this website. So for very little cost, you can get plenty of benefits in return.

Domains Included

The Starter Plan comes with just one domain, but that’s standard for these kinds of plans. Plus, if you need a starter plan for your website, one domain is probably more than enough. And, again, you’re getting it at such a low price, if it turns out you need another later on, it won’t cost you much for the benefit.

You also get five parked domains for that $3.49 a month. With these parked domains you can host the exact same website, but give them different email addresses. This helps you organize your different addresses, obviously, as well as business goals for each site. Plus, you get to keep the same analytics across all these domains, so tracking your progress is a breeze.

Finally, there are 25 sub domains included too. So for just $3.49 a month, you have plenty of room to really build your website out into whatever you want it to be. 25 different dub domains is plenty, especially for a starter site.


Any good website is going to generate interest from customers and visitors alike. This means you need an email address available to take their questions and queries. For the most professional option, though, you want an email that’s linked to your domain.

BlueHost will provide you with 100 different email accounts for your website and all under the price of just $3.49. This will be more than enough for any small business and most medium-sized ones too. Everyone can get an email address and then some.

Plus, if you’re simply running one-man-business online, it can be a huge help to have multiple email addresses listed, even if they all go right back to you. By doing so, you give off a more professional appearance as you can list addresses for different officers in the company, etc.

With each account under the Starter Plan, you get 500 MB. Again, this should be more than enough for the types of email inboxes necessary for small and medium-sized businesses.


Lastly, you probably already know how important marketing is. Whether we’re talking about your company or a service you offer, you need as many people as possible to know about it.

Your website is the same way, which is why BlueHost includes $50 of marketing when you go with their Starter Plan. This will definitely bring you some enviable results early on.

So if you’re ready to start a website and see some real benefits, consider the Starter Plan from BlueHost. It’s incredibly affordable, plus they have a money-back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

New BlueHost Web Hosting Plans for 2015

BlueHost is widely known throughout the industry as one of the best companies currently supplying hosting plans. In 2014, to keep up with demand, the company updated many of their longstanding offers and even introduced some new ones. If this is the year that you finally launch that site of yours, then, it makes sense to give BlueHost some consideration. Aside from their reputation in the industry, many of the company’s hosting plans are tough to beat.

The Starter Plan

The first example we’ll look at regarding a new hosting plan for 2014 is the BlueHost starter plan. This is a reliable place to start for those who have never had their own website before. It doesn’t cost much, but you get plenty in return.

For one thing, the major update this year is that they dropped the price on this offering by more than two dollars. The funny thing is that their Starter plan really would have been affordable either way. Originally, you were asked to pay $5.99 for all the features we’ll cover in a minute. However, those features can now be yours for just $3.49 a month.

So it costs less than $60 a year to host your website—this plan is only good for one—which means 100 GB of space for your setup. You get unlimited bandwidth though, 5 domains and 25 sub domains. Plus, you’re given 100 email accounts to use with that site with 500 MB for each one. BlueHost will even include $50 worth of marketing.

Plus Plan

Another option of a popular plan that BlueHost has updated for 2014 is their Plus option. In fact, this is by far their most popular offering, which makes sense when you review the features we’ll list out in a moment. For this new year, BlueHost dropped the price of their Plus Plan by more than half! It was originally $9.99 and, again, sold quite well for reasons that will be abundantly clear in a moment. Today, though, the Plus Plan can be yours for just $3.95 a month.

This small amount will allow you to host unlimited amounts of websites. Of course, this also means unlimited website space for your domain too. Bandwidth is also provided in unlimited amounts too. So for less than $6 more a year, you can get unlimited everything compared over the Starter Plan we just went over.

One domain is included, but you get as many parked and sub domains as you want for the price. The same goes for the email accounts you can list under that website and how much storage you get for each.

Lastly, BlueHost will provide you with $200 worth of free marketing. You get an additional $24 a year in other extras, plus spam experts on your side and global CDN.

Business Pro

Finally, Business Pro slashed the price on their Business Pro plan too. This means what used to cost you $19.99 a year is now available to your company for only $13.95. In many ways, it’s identical to the last plan. So you get unlimited space for unlimited websites and unlimited bandwidth to go with all of it. Everything regarding domains is the same too.

The big difference though is that BlueHost will give you $180 in extra every single year. This includes global CDN like with the Pro Plan, but you get twice as many experts. You also receive an SSL, a dedicated IP that’s all your own, domain privacy and site backup pro working for you. Plus, BlueHost has this one pegged as their high performance plan so you get a website with as much power behind it as possible.

With over two million websites under their belt, BlueHost is definitely a company worth thinking about when you need web hosting. They’ve been in business for over 10 years too, meaning they must be doing something right. On top of all the benefits you receive from the plans above, BlueHost also provides a money-back guarantee with no hidden fees. It’s tough to beat that.

Plus, for 2014, at least, you get the above plans at these new low prices. So you get the same great value for far less than in the past.

BlueHost vs. HostGator: Which Is the Best?

Are you looking for a hosting provider to host your website? With so many companies to choose from it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best. In addition, you have to worry about other items such as features, uptime, pricing and technical support. These items are why you want to go with the top companies out there so that you know that you are getting the best service. When it comes to the top companies you might be looking at HostGator or BlueHost. But which one is actually the best for you?

BlueHost vs. HostGator History

BlueHost has been helping customers with hosting services since 1996. HostGator to date has over 9 million customers. In fact, both companies have received top marks in terms of customer service. The companies were recently named as two of the top hosting providers in terms of size and the length of time that they have been doing business.


BlueHost and HostGator both use cPanel which makes it easy for customers to update their websites, install additional features such as a content management system and add on additional features such as SSL if needed. In addition both companies have an easy to use billing feature where customers can log in to pay their bills or set up autopay for their accounts. The billing interface also keeps track of how customers use their system to open support tickets so if you have a support question you can also check on the ticket to see if the problem is being fixed.

Customer Support

Both HostGator and BlueHost make support easy with their online chat support. Customers can easily get assistance with their chat requests immediately and don’t have to wait for a response to an email unless the issue needs to get escalated.

Customers can also get phone support if needed. If you have trouble explaining your issue on chat, then someone can help you fix it over the phone.


BlueHost and HostGator are always offering promotions for their services via sites like this one and Therefore you will want to go to their sites to check for the latest pricing as it is always changing. You can also stay updated if you check this site for more information about BlueHost or HostGator.

The rates can change depending on what services you need. Both BlueHost and HostGator offer services such as dedicated servers and VPS which may cost more than the basic hosting services. It really comes down to your needs, if you are not sure what options to get. If you have a large website that you need to host, contacting both companies via chat and giving them information about your site will help you compare pricing.

When it comes to BlueHost vs. HostGator, it really depends on your needs as to which one is the best option. If you have been searching for awhile and still can’t decide, contact both companies and ask your questions. Once you get the answers, you should know which one is going to be the best for your needs.

BlueHost Review

To set up a website in order to meet your business or personal needs requires a reliable web hosting service company. BlueHost is the most preferred web host by millions of people. BlueHost uses quality hosting technology so that they can offer quality hosting solutions. Their hosting plan offers a good array of disk space and bandwidth at a cheap price.

BlueHost no longer offers a free domain for life but for one year. BlueHost’s main plan is the Essential Hosting Plan. This means you can have almost everything you need on just one shared hosting plan. A single plan will support unlimited sites, email addresses, scripts, databases, storage and data transfer. You get the flexibility to host many domains, so if someday one of them becomes extremely popular you’ll be told to upgrade it to a dedicated option. If you run a lot of sites (i.e 10 sites) you could save money by using this plan rather than paying for ten limited packages.

There are four levels of VPS hosting (virtual private server), three levels of dedicated web hosting, where you have a dedicated server rather than sharing, and three levels of reseller hosting, where you can run your own web hosting business using BlueHost. BlueHost is very easy to use even for those who are just starting their own hosting solutions or website. The tools and the support that the staff gives is quite extensive.

BlueHost offers customers a number of choices when it comes to technical support. All their staff are not outsourced and are based in US so they can speak English well. Their customer support is generally helpful and friendly. Customers can occasionally experience longer wait times if trying to reach them by phone. Average wait time on the phone is 5 minutes but this varies depending on when you call.

BlueHost guarantees 99.9% network uptime. They strive to make sure that there are never any problems with your website so that you do not lose customers or business on your website. They know how important good uptime rates are. Highly trained technical staff monitors the data center at all times, night and day. The data centers are designed with top notch power technology that includes mirrored backups and redundant diesel/UPS backup power generators in case of an outage or other data problem.

If you cancel your account within the first 30 days, you can ask for a full refund. If you cancel after the 30 day period, you can get a pro-rated refund. BlueHost repeatedly earns five stars in customer BlueHost reviews. All in all, BlueHost is a solid company. Their hosting solutions are high quality and they are a reliable shared web hosting provider. BlueHost offers generous disk space, bandwidth and quality hosting features with a top notch and customer friendly technical support team that leave no question unanswered to help customers.

Why Choose Bluehost WordPress Hosting When Creating a Website?

wordpress_bluehostBluehost is a host provider of high standards. you do not have to worry about the servers constantly being down or any other similar issues. When coupled with WordPress, Bluehost hosting is a great start for any website whether you are using a developer or trying to learn on your own. Both these providers are very easy to work with and there is no need for any major IT knowledge. It is sufficient to know what you would like to call your website and a rough idea or picture of what it should look like in your mind.

Let’s first take a look at some of the individual features of the products. WordPress is a content management system, or CMS, which enables people to create websites with themes that are already present. It is easy to work with WordPress as all you need is a domain name and with Bluehost you will have this as part of your package. WordPress has a number of themes that are suited to basically any type of website from retailers to small businesses to a personal blog.

WordPress also has an easy way of adding content to your website in the form of plugins. There is a plugin for anything and just about everything you may want to add to your website. You have plugins for social networking, for analyzing your traffic and for making the creation and sharing of your posts/content easier.

When you have your own website you need to create a substantial online presence in order to be successful. You also need to be analyzing where the traffic to your website comes from. For this you will need some analyzing tools, and with Bluehost you have Alexa or Google Analytics to do that. With WordPress there is a plugin available which can be integrated with your Google Analytics account to keep a track of your website presence. You can then choose to increase your online presence in areas where your audience is lacking and thus in turn optimize your business.

Bluehost is one of the most reliable providers in the market. They offer great features at a very affordable price. With Bluehost you receive unlimited disk space which means you never have to worry about how much you can upload. You also receive a free domain for the first year.

Bluehost gives you an uninterrupted power supply making work with your website easy and constant. You never lack a host provider so when people visit your site they are never met with an error saying your page is unavailable because of server problems. Bluehost also has a round-the-clock support team where the staff are knowledgeable and help solve problems in a short time.

With Bluehost you also receive several additional multimedia features as well as ecommerce features like shopping carts. The company also promotes your site on different search engines.

You can be sure when you choose Bluehost WordPress hosting that you are making the best decision with regards to your website. If you want a list of excellent features and great service at a very competitive price, look no further.

Bluehost Joomla Hosting – The Benefits of Self-Hosting

joomla-logoOnce you have decided you need a web presence, you will have to decide which host provider you will be working with as well as which content management system (CMS) you will use. Today there are many CMS where you can receive free websites in a matter of minutes. However, while these may work for small businesses, it is always better to get a domain of your own and be self hosted from day one.

You may wonder why you should pay to have a website when you can get one for free. Well, firstly when you have a website with, say, Blogger or WordPress (free site), you will not have a domain that is completely your own. For example if you have a business called X you could have a website called However, with a free site you will have it called While you may think that it does not matter much, the former does tend to look more professional and gives you an edge.

Most businesses which begin on any of the free sites ultimately decide to go self hosted after some time. Later though, once you have built up your page rank and presence on the internet, you will find that when you suddenly go from being hosted by WordPress or Blogger to being self hosted, you will lose your page rank and it will take some time before your presence on the internet comes back to its former glory. So again it is best to have your own website from day one.

Nowadays, there are very competitive rates for hosting your website. Bluehost offers extremely inexpensive hosting with excellent features. It also has great customer service which is very important in this line of work.

Joomla is a content management system which allows you to create a website in a few easy steps. The great thing about Joomla is that there is a demo feature. You can actually create a web page and content with their free account. The account remains live for a month during which you can use all the features that Joomla has to offer. All you need is an active email account.

Joomla is also great for more complex business requirements, for example reservation systems, inventory control systems, ecommerce integration and product catalogs. It is definitely a boon for more experienced developers to work with a system like this.

Joomla has a comprehensive community site with popular forums. If you have a question all you need to do is ask and there is always someone on hand to provide an answer. Bluehost likewise has a great support system making it easy for customers to find help with any of their queries. Their response time is also very short so you do not need to wait for a long time to continue with your website building.

Bluehost Joomla hosting is very popular both with businesses and people looking to create their own personal web presence. With a combination such as this you can be assured that you are receiving the best with respect to hosting and creating your website.

Bluehost Plans

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bluehost-pricingThere are so many web hosting companies to choose from on the internet. You can search and search but it can be difficult to truly know which web hosting company will best fit your needs. Countless factors and questions go into choosing that perfect web hosting company such as services offered, whether you will be able to reach someone when you need help, equipment quality, whether it will be easy to use the services offered, the reliability of the company, and one of the most important factors being cost. Understanding your budget before beginning your web hosting search will help your decision. Not knowing which company will truly provide you the best service can be a daunting task but it is not impossible. On a top ten web hosting price list, Bluehost was listed number one as the best web hosting company for 2013. The ratings were based on cost, page load, reliability, uptime, features, ease of use, and quality of support.

Bluehost pricing can vary depending on your needs. Bluehost provides a wide variety of web hosting options to fit businesses and individual websites all over the world. Special offers are constantly offered once you have signed up as a customer. All Bluehost customers are important and valuable. Their goal is to maintain their loyal customer base, keeping them happy, while growing and capturing new customers.

Bluehost offers both standard web hosting and extensive pro hosting packages. Standard web hosting covers a twelve month account for $8.99 per month ($3.95 per month with the coupon on this page), including a $13.99 domain registration coupon and no set up fee, a savings of $30. The twelve month option totals only $107.88 ($47.40 with the coupon). The 24 month option is $7.99 per month, with the same $13.99 domain registration coupon and no set up fee, a savings of $30. This 24 month option totals $191.76 ($94.80 with coupon). The final standard web hosting option is identical to both the twelve month with the coupon and no set up fee savings, but is $6.99 per month totaling $251.64 ($142.20 with coupon).

The pro hosting package offers the same options as the standard web hosting package plus: domain privacy protection, domain name registration, site backup pro, dedicated IP, positive SSL certificate, and 10 postini email filtering for an amazing rate of $24.99 per month.

There are additional features such as additional domain names, SSL certificate, sitelock and expired account reactivation.

A reseller account has unlimited domains, subdomains, ftp and email addresses as well as a free website builder, free SimpleScript, free spam protection, and a free billing system. There are three reseller account options ranging from Silver which is $24.95 a month offering 100 GB of disk space, 15 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. The Gold option is $59.95 a month offering 250 GB of disk space, 25 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. The final choice is the Platinum option for $124.95 a month with 500 GB of disk space, 35 Mbps bandwidth, unlimited accounts, and free domain. There are so many Bluehost pricing options available for the user to choose among.

All About Bluehost

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bluehost-coupon-codesWeb hosting has become a staple in everyday language and society. The popularity and necessity of the internet has led the way. Practically everyone has a computer or access to one and regularly browses the internet around the world. This popularity has led most businesses to communicate through the internet to gain access to a wider audience for their personal or professional websites. Those websites need a web host in order to be viewed online. Web hosting allows users to view websites created by business and individuals through the internet.

Web hosting companies offer space on a server and access to the internet. The server space can be rented or purchased by a user. Most web hosting companies support web pages and some offer file transfer services called file transfer protocol (FTP). This allows users to send and receive large sized files when emailing is not possible.  There are several types of web hosting. Free web hosting service gives you limited services and can include advertisements. In shared web hosting, many websites are placed on the same server. Cloud hosting is the newest type of hosting and can be more reliable.

One of the premier web hosting companies is Bluehost launched in 1996. A Bluehost hosting overview begins with a mention of the company hosting close to 2 million domains. Bluehost is one of the 20 largest web hosting companies in the world. You can expect constant innovation and upgrading opportunities from Bluehost. They provide easy access to technical support through their hosting team. The company’s customer support team is U.S. based with a strong technical knowledge background to successfully help with any problems that may arise with your website.

Bluehost is one of the few web hosting companies that developed their datacenter and nationwide fiber network. They also built their own servers and linux kernel. If a user encounters any problems while utilizing Bluehost services, they can be assured it will be handled by Bluehost and not another company. They proudly stand behind their services. Bluehost has an expansive facility to comfortably house their equipment and staff. They also have two separate locations to ensure their customers are completely covered.

Users choose Bluehost hosting services because of the 24 hours/7days per week support team availability, Simplescripts 1-click installs, SSH secure shell access, true resource management, average support hold times under 30 seconds, proven success track record, and fast servers. Bluehost is trusted by millions of sites. Some of the features covered by Bluehost services include unlimited disk storage and domain hosting, free domain name for one year, three different webmail solutions, and the support of international domain names.

Bluehost is at the top of web sharing companies ensuring their customers have the most uptime and fastest web speed. Bluehost works in conjunction with several web applications and software including WordPress, Joomia, Drupal, Roundcube, Zen Cart, phpBB, PrestaShop, Concrete5, and 50 plus. Bluehost offers open source hosting giving the user more flexibility as well as numerous website building options easing the development of the user’s website.